Santa Monica deploys a new ‘eye in the sky’ to respond to 911 calls

Fox News’ Bill Melugin reports on the Santa Monica Police deploying drones to respond to crime scenes. Watch the latest video at  Click here to watch their video report.


Police Departments Are Starting To Use Drones As First Responders – How Is It Working So Far? Drone technically and use has evolved rapidly. Police departments quickly found uses for the technology and some over recent years have even started…

Santa Monica Police Department DFR – NBC Nightly News Segment

In this beach town, sometimes the first cop on the scene is a drone When someone calls 911 in Santa Monica, Calif., a drone can respond in as little as 30 seconds and start collecting information before officers arrives By Ken Dilanian Article…

Hemet police testing drone technology for everyday calls – Drones as First Responders (DFR)

If you see a drone buzzing over your head in Hemet, it may very well belong to police. While the drone may offer police critical information, the ACLU is keeping an eye on the department's use to see if it'll raise privacy red flags.  Christina…

Flying Lion Announces First Ever Drone as First Responder (DFR) Air Support Officer Training

Flying Lion, Inc., is proud to announce the first formalized Drone as First Responder (DFR) Air Support Officer (ASO) training. DFR programs enable the immediate dispatch of a drone in response to a 911 call for the purpose of real-time aerial situational awareness, in advance of, and to support ground units to enhance community and first responder safety.

Hemet Police Department begins using Drones as First Responder (DFR) in trial program

The police department partnered with Flying Lion, which has supplied drones to other police departments across the Southland, for a 30-day trial. Once the trial period concludes, authorities will decide if the program is a good fit for the…

Flying Lion, Inc. (FLI) landing pads

THANK YOU to Lou Schmidt and the whole team for the new custom Flying Lion, Inc. (FLI) landing pads. THEY LOOK AWESOME!!!
Remote pilot monitoring the flight path of drone.

Charles L. Werner. Founder and Director of the DRONERESPONDERS Public Safety Alliance, tells all about the Drone as a First Responder Program

The DFR response provides information that helps to increase or decrease priority which ensures that the appropriate resources are responding.  It is clear to see the value of the DFR program through de-escalation, returning units to…

Georgia department uses Drone as First Responder modeled after Chula Vista Police Department DFR

Ayana reached out to the Chula Vista Police Department after seeing a video they had posted about their DFR program. He also talked to Flying Lion, the company that provides drone pilots to Chula Vista by contract. A Flying Lion representative…

Flying Lion and Iris Automation add airspace awareness capabilities for Drone as First Responder (DFR) programs

Flying Lion and Iris Automation add airspace awareness capabilities for Drone as First Responder (DFR) programs BVLOS operations allow for timely response, situational awareness in advance of personnel on scene Redondo Beach, CA + Reno, Nevada…

Flying Lion Supports Magen Am to Protect Los Angeles Jewish Community During Purim Holiday

Flying Lion, Inc. (FLI) was honored to be asked by Magen Am to help support their efforts in keeping this Jewish community in Los Angeles safe during the Purim Holiday celebration yesterday. This is a natural extension of our law enforcement agency support. And a big thank you to our Remote Pilots in Command (RPICs) Lucie and Sam,
Bloomberg - BHPD DFR Program Drone

Bloomberg Publishes Article on Beverly Hills PD Drone as First Responded (DFR) Program

Bloomberg published a terrific article on the Beverly Hills Police Department's Drone as First Responder (DFR) program and mentioned Flying Lion multiple times including quotes from our founder Barry Brennan.   Flying…