This evening Flying Lion was selected by Brookhaven Police Department in Georgia to serve as their rooftop RPICs.

Yonkers will pilot a new program this summer called “Drone as a First Responder” which would allow for an emergency police response to priority calls in a matter of seconds.
On Tuesday, police tested their equipment in conjunction with Flying Lion, a drone service for public safety, to perfect the drone and its systems before police begin a 60-day trial period.
Officials say the drone can completely change the concept of policing.
“A suspect that’s fleeing the scene of the crime before officers are able to get there by car or by foot, obviously the drone in the air will be able to give officers an indication of where that suspect went and be able to follow them discreetly, and apprehend him safely,” said Yonkers Police Spokesman Frank Didomizio.
-Emily Young

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Barry Brennan Shares Expertise on Launching Remote Drone Programs at Norway Unmanned Nordic Conference 2024.

Left: Lou Schmidt , Right: Steven Katz

landing pad by Hoodman

Thank you to Lou Schmidt at for the awesome new batch of CUSTOM 5ft drone landing pads. These are the exact same quality you would expect from a Hoodman Landing Pad (thick canvas material, water resistant backing and high quality printing.) The best part is the heavy-duty weighted perimeter which keeps the landing pads flat on the ground even in heavy winds. Thank you Hoodman Team!!! Flying Lion, Inc. (FLI) Steven Katz

This month, hosts Timothy Martin and Miriam McNabb review the latest news stories about drones in public safety, first response, fire and police with our guest Steven Katz, VP and Community College Instructor at Flying Lion and Founder and Chief Pilot at Flying Lion subsidiary, Sky Ladder Drones.  Steven will then discuss his experiences at Flying Lion, and the current important issues facing public safety agencies implementing or expanding their drone programs.

Flying Lion is a drone service provider to law enforcement, publicsafety agencies and municipalities.  Founded in 2014, Flying Lion is a global expert in Drones as First Responder (DFR) program development and implementation, on-demand drone Air Support, UAS flight training, and FAA regulations.  With deep experience in the high tech industry, Steven Katz has been focused on commercial and public safety drone use since their use became legal in the U.S. in 2016: working as both a pilot and educator in the space.

By: Miriam McNabb

Innovative Use of Drones in Law Enforcement

In a remarkable demonstration of technology aiding law enforcement, Montgomery County  successfully utilized a drone to apprehend two suspects involved in a theft at a Silver Spring grocery store.

The incident, which occurred in November 2023, highlights the effectiveness of the “Drone as ” program in combating crime.

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Axon Air Powered by DroneSense provides a complete solution for drones in public safety, designed to increase situational awareness and operational efficiency to improve outcomes in some of the most challenging situations. In addition to secure wireless live-streaming, automated flight logs and reporting, integrated evidence management and fully remote operations for Drone as First Responder (DFR) programs, today we’re excited to announce new partnerships with Flying Lion, Pilot Institute and The Regional Training Center, further solidifying Axon Air as a comprehensive end-to-end drone platform for public safety.

A simplistic definition of DFR is a system of pre-positioned drones that respond immediately to emergencies. DFR’s primary goals are to arrive before ground units and to provide first responders with a birds-eye view of an incident. In this respect, the drone is an extension or avatar for an experienced incident manager/commander (IC), and fundamentally an experienced IC is what agencies actually want on scene quickly, not the drone.

So, when developing DFR solutions, consider what features and capabilities are necessary to enable the DFR pilot to arrive quickly and observe and communicate effectively. And when searching for the right person to be the DFR pilot, ask a field supervisor you trust: “If there was a major critical incident right now, who would you want first on scene?” Whomever that is, they are likely your best choice for a DFR pilot, even if they’ve never flown a drone before.

By Fritz Reber

In an effort to serve the community and gain real-world training, the Fullerton College Drone Lab has partnered with Flying Lion Inc., and Fullerton Police Department to provide drone as first responder service for the city.

Fullerton College drone students, in the Hornet Drone Piloting Apprenticeship Program, will maintain and help launch uncrewed aerial vehicles from a rooftop, for Flying Lion, Inc., to assist the Fullerton Police Department employ drones as first responders.

“This is a great opportunity for Fullerton College students to gain real-world experience.  While helping out our local community,” said Jay Seidel, professor and director of the Fullerton Drone Lab at Fullerton College.

Drone as First Responder (DFR), as employed by FPD, will consist of drones positioned at a high point in the city, providing the ability to immediately deploy the aircraft to the reported emergency incidents, calls for service, or first responder requests. In many cases, the drones can arrive at any given incident prior to first responders on the ground and provide greater situational awareness for the officers.

The DFR Program follows all established FAA guidelines, privacy laws, and FPD Policies regarding the use of uncrewed aerial systems.